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Alan J Davis: Mediator and Lawyer

Biographical Background


Alan graduated law with an L.L.B from Osgoode Hall Law School in 1980. 

After articling for a mid-sized civil litigation law firm in downtown Toronto he was called to the bar as a lawyer in Ontario in 1982.

In 1982, and immediately following his call to the bar, Alan opened his law practice on Bay Street  in downtown Toronto, which has grown into Davis Barristers. His practice is restricted to civil litigation matters with a wide scope of subject-matter, that has included extensive work in the fields of:

· Commercial litigation

· Employment law

· Estate litigation

  · Real Estate litigation

· Insurance Claims

· Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice claims

· Family law 

Solicitors (Lawyers) Negligence Claims

Alan, has been involved in hundreds of mediation's, both within the civil litigation context and outside of the litigation process, taking pride the results achieved and in often finding creative solutions to issues notwithstanding their complexity. 

As a seasoned litigator for over 38 years he has extensive experience in courts at all levels, at trial, at mediation and in all other facets of both the litigation and dispute resolution processes. 

Additional information relating the nature and scope of Alan’s practice at Davis Barristers can be found on its web-site: www.davisbarristers.com

Alan is a member of the Canadian Bar Association, the Ontario Bar Association and the Toronto Lawyers Association.

Aside from the  law and mediation,  Alan has diverse interests that include judging professional boxing (including world titles) around the world, attending live indie-alternative music concerts, collecting vintage posters and competitive middle/long distance running on roads, track and trails at national and international levels.  He is a longstanding  member of the Ontario Athletics Commission, the International Boxing Federation and Athletics Canada.

Toronto Employment Law Alan J Davis Mediator Arbitrator

Mediation and Arbitration Details

Our Approach

Mediation & Arbitration's

Mediation & Arbitration's

Mediation Arbitration Toronto Alternative Dispute Resolution Services Mediator Employment Law

 Mediation and Arbitration services are offered by Alan J. Davis a lawyer and mediator with over 38 years of experience, and a focus on employment law, disability insurance claims and commercial litigation.   The approach aims to blend legal knowledge and experience  with strong interpersonal skills and a pragmatic approach to find appropriate, workable, and often creative resolutions, to  disputes. 

Mediation & Arbitration's

Mediation & Arbitration's

Mediation & Arbitration's

Mediator Toronto Employment Law Issues Disability Insurance Claims Mediation

 Full day mediation's or arbitration's generally commence at 10:00 a.m., and consist of 7 hours plus preparation time.

Half day mediation's generally commence at either 10:00 a.m. or 2:00 p.m., and consist of 3 hours plus preparation time. 

Written materials for review prior to mediation to be delivered to:


Fee Structure

Mediation & Arbitration's

Mediation Location

Online Mediation Mediator Toronto Employment Law Fees Structure

Full day mediation's (which include preparation time and 7 hours of mediation)  are at fixed fee for mediation services  plus HST and disbursements. . Half day mediation's (which include preparation time and 3 hours mediation)  are at a fixed fee plus HST and disbursements. Facility fees, catered lunches etc. are charged as disbursements.

To check availability or to schedule a mediation call (416) 365-1321 or email us at:

adavis@davisbarristers.com .

Mediation Location

Online Dispute Resolution

Mediation Location

Online Video Mediation Services Mediator Toronto Employment Law Experienced Respected

 .    For "in-person" meditations or arbitration's the  location can be  agreed to by the parties,their  lawyers  and the mediator.

 Preferred location is Network Reporting & Mediation (either of the Toronto Downtown, Toronto North or Mississauga West locations).   Network Reporting & Mediation provide comfortable mediation  hosting services, with all amenities and an accommodating  cancellation/rescheduling  policy. 

Online Dispute Resolution

Online Dispute Resolution

Online Dispute Resolution

Online Video Mediation Mediator

  Davis Mediation's  offer Online Dispute Resolution (ODR), also referred to as Remote Arbitration and Mediation, which enables the mediation to be undertaken with the parties, their lawyers and the mediator  in separate sites utilizing computer technology and the Zoom (or alternative) software  platform. These services can be undertaken through supporting services provided by the Ontario Bar Association. 

Online meditations can  take place notwithstanding COVID-19 isolation requirements and social distancing, and have proven to be an efficient, effective  and economical manner to  resolve  disputes.


Online Dispute Resolution

Online Dispute Resolution

Alan Davis Mediator Mediation Toronto Employment Law

 .For information or to inquire as to availability click link below or  call (416) 365-1321 or email us at:


During COVID-19 isolation call:

(647) 409-1321

  Full day mediation's generally commence at 10:00 a.m..

Half day mediation's generally commence at 10:00 a.m. or 2:00 p.m. Please contact us to address any questions or other issues.

CALL (416) 365-1321 OR DURING COVID-19 CALL (647) 409-1321



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